Humming Bird 4 and Doodle ATC

I wish I could sleep like normal people. Sukhi started yellmeowing at a quarter to four and I can’t get back to sleep. On the plus side its good art time. Watched a little Alternative Art Cards while doodling some ATC sized watercolor paper and have been working on the second humming bird. Watercolor takes a long time, 10 min of work and a bunch of drying time. I wish I had worked on the humming bird earlier since it should be the focal point.

Have a nice fire but only one log before I need to brave the outdoors to get more wood and hope I don’t bring in more stupid evil wasps.

Hummingbird 3

I saw a hummingbird yesterday morning investigating my glass raindrop mobile as a potential food source. It had better luck with some flowers in the Helton’s front yard. I’m tempted to put up a humming bird feeder if they stick around.

I’m calling the first picture done. My ‘glazing’ was lacking. Got good instruction on the petals and the second one is prettier. Learned a ton from this project. I really liked doing the pen work.

Hummingbird 2

Been up since 3, thank you Sukhi and DST. Tired of not getting enough sleep.  Started a second Hummingbird, trying a different approach, working on the background first.  I’m already getting pressure to give up the first so wanted to keep one for myself.  This project is clearly over documented….

More to come after Mysore.

Humming Bird

Working on the Humming Bird Project from Claudia Nice’s Painting Nature with Pen, Ink and Watercolor.  I started it yesterday and was looking for something that I didn’t need a lot of assistance on.  I spent 5.5 hours at Brightwood.

I’m going to work on the background before bumping up the colors.

Couple from my sketchbook

The room in Boston we stayed in and practicing from Claudia’s books.  Coneflower and Butterfly is not quite finished.

Butterfly & Flannel Flowers ready to cut

It has been fantastic to have the week off. I have done extra yoga, art and napping. Here are two lino’s ready to cut. I’ve also run my kiln 3 times (no photos yet) and have been working on the Skidshack that needs to be ready for tomorrow’s class.