Botanical Drawing with Wendy Hollender

I spent the weekend in a botanical drawing class. I’ve wanted to take a class from her for years. The Oregon Botanical Artists arranged the class.  I hoped to have more to show from the weekend One of the things Claudia Nice is really good at is sending you off with a nice piece of work. The downside with those workshops was I wasn’t really able to go home and do it on my own. I’m hoping though I have less to show I have more I can practice.

I did get a some things drilled in. Drawing is really really hard. I really want to be able to do it. I like the idea of actual size drawing. You can’t learn how to draw in a weekend. And finally pencil sharpeners suck.

I did better the first day. On the second I tried for hours and wasn’t able to get another view of my tulip on the paper. It kept moving around and opening. Or I would get it down and knock over the frog. I did do some color mixing. I had never been able to get blue and yellow to mix in color pencil and I learned that even the Polychromos are a little water soluble which is handy for blending.

The class was held at the Cornell Farm Nursery farm house. It is a very nice nursery and the room was very pleasant.  The group did a really nice job of organizing the weekend.

Humming Bird 4 and Doodle ATC

I wish I could sleep like normal people. Sukhi started yellmeowing at a quarter to four and I can’t get back to sleep. On the plus side its good art time. Watched a little Alternative Art Cards while doodling some ATC sized watercolor paper and have been working on the second humming bird. Watercolor takes a long time, 10 min of work and a bunch of drying time. I wish I had worked on the humming bird earlier since it should be the focal point.

Have a nice fire but only one log before I need to brave the outdoors to get more wood and hope I don’t bring in more stupid evil wasps.