Schneeberger lace is a relatively new kind of lace. It was created in the 19th century to help lacemakers compete with machine lace. It is a tape or braid lace. It is often worked in silk threads and takes only a small number of bobbins. Schneeberger is similar to Wiener
Lace. A main difference is the way that the worker pairs enter & leave the braid. The worker enters the braid and one passive braid pair goes back out as new worker.

The patterns have no pinholes but the worker pair’s path is marked on the pattern by a zig-zag line.

Schneeberger Features

  • Open Braid with lots of twists.
  • Leaves.

Schneeberger Bibliography

  • Schneeberger Lace by Lia Baumeister-Jonker
  • Schneeberger Lace Patterns by Lia Baumeister-Jonker
  • Schneebergse Kant by Annelie Van Olffen-Spikermann in Dutch

Schneeberger Photos

  • Piece of Schneeberger made for me by ? in exchange for needle tatting

Schneeberger Links

  • Schneeberger Butterfly by Julie Hendrick
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